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The City of Montrose (the “City”) is accepting sealed bids for the
purchase of the following real property (the “Property”) for the
purpose of business development as described in this Notice of
Bid Opening:
The Property commonly known as 141 Parkway Drive consisting
of approximately .46 acres of land, as more particularly described
and depicted in Exhibit “A,” attached hereto and incorporated
The sale of the Property shall be awarded, at the discretion of the
City Council, to the bidder submitting a bid in accordance with
the terms outlined below, and providing the best value to the City.
It is the intention of the City Council to sell the Property based on
the best value bid that is submitted. The Montrose City Council
reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Should any bid be
accepted, payment shall be made by earnest money deposit,
subject to closing, and shall be deposited with the City or by,
cashier’s check or money order payable to the City of Montrose
within three days of the award notice. Provisions of the sale of the
Property shall include:
1. For the purchase of the real property in “as is” condition;
2. For the conveyance of the Property by special warranty
3. For the PURCHASER to pay all fees, commissions and
costs associated with closing the sale of the Property;
4. For the PURCHASER to close the sale within 30 days upon
city council approval; subject to title defects if any;
5. For the SELLER to transfer all utilities at the time of closing;
6. For the PURCHASER to assume all responsibility or liability
for any environmental condition affecting the Property, or
any clean-up or remediation that may be required by law;
7. For the development of the Property for business
development, or other project acceptable to the City;
8. Execute Contract for Sale and Purchase of Real Property.
The Property will be sold “as is” with no warranties or
representations as to suitability for any particular use other
than restricted by zoning. Conveyance of the Property will
be by special warranty deed;
9. It is the responsibility of the PURCHASER to obtain and
pay for any title examination and/or survey. SELLER offers
no guarantee in regard to the quality or condition of the title.
Any defect revealed through the PURCHASER’s research
which makes the title unmarketable must be submitted to
the SELLER in writing within 60 days from the date of the
Purchase Offer.
By submitting a bid, each bidder agrees to waive and does
hereby waive any claim the bidder has or may have against
the City of Montrose, and the City’s respective employees
and representatives for the awarding of damages or attorney
fees, arising out of or in connection with the administration,
evaluation, or recommendation of any bid, waiver, deletion
or amendment of any requirements under this Notice of Bid
Opening, acceptance or rejection of any bids, and award of
the bid. By submitting a bid, the bidder specifically waives
any right to recover or be paid attorney fees from the City of
Montrose, or any of the City’s employees.
The bidder acknowledges and agrees that this is the intentional
relinquishment of a presently existing known right and that there is
no disparity of bargaining power between the bidder and the City
of Montrose, Michigan.
By execution and submission of this bid, the bidder hereby
represents and warrants to the City that the bidder has read and
understands this Notice of Bid Opening and that the bid is made
in accordance with the terms stated herein. Bidder acknowledges
that it understands all terms herein, which include the waiver
provisions, and that it had the right to consult with counsel
regarding all applicable documents.
The City reserves the right to waive, delete or amend any of the
requirements connected with this bid. Bids shall be delivered in
writing on the attached bid proposal form, signed by the bidder or
an authorized representative and enclosed in a sealed envelope
to the City of Montrose.
be received before 4:00 p.m. on November 29, 2018, and any
bid received after that time will not be considered.
City staff will publicly open, read and tabulate the bids at
City Council Chambers, City of Montrose, 139 S. Saginaw Street,
Montrose MI 48457
Bidders may contact the City of Montrose, City Manager at (810)
639-6168 for clarifications of any questions.
Property Information: Exhibit A
Date: 4:00 pm. November 29, 2018
141 Parkway Drive, Montrose, MI 48457
Parcel# 60-16-300-005
Approximately .46 Acres IMPROVEMENTS:
Per Real Estate Records:
1 Story Framed Building (approx. 2300 square feet} DESCRIPTION:
Located in the center of the City of Montrose and less than a
quarter of a mile from M-57 with property adjacent to the Montrose
Township Senior Center and Montrose Community Schools, this
property was the site for the former Montrose City Offices. The
building itself is roughly 2300 square feet and would be ideal for a
business looking to expand or relocate.
A PARCEL OF LAND BEG N 363.07 FT & N 89 DEG 38 MIN 12
SEC E 1231.37 FT & N O DEG 11 MIN 32 SEC E 282 FT FROM
01 MIN 42 SEC E
145.47 FT TH N 89 DEG 36 MIN 41 SEC E 125.04 FT TH SO
DEG 11 MIN 32 SEC W 145.80 FT TO PL OF BEG SEC 16 T9N
UTILITIES AVAILABLE: City water and sewer.
ZONING: Single Family Residential SF1
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