2015-07-05 / News

New owner shares the Showboat

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

CHESANING – Chesaning Attorney Kent Greenfelder is the new owner of the Shiawassee Queen. He recently purchased the boat from the Chesaning Chamber of Commerce, which purchased it from the Showboat Committee one year before the last Showboat Festival.

“I wanted to donate iconic items to those interested in showing them. As a child I remember the community all chipping in and having fun during Showboat week, that seemed to comeback for awhile with the beer tents,” Greenfelder said. The chamber had purchased the boat to promote the community; however it would’ve required costly upgrades to make it safe for the volunteers who were decorating it every year.

When the chamber asked for offers, Greenfelder was the one. He plans to donate it and hopes to repurpose it.

“I’m looking for a good home for the paddle wheel,” he said.

Anyone interested in parts of the boat should contact Kent Greenfelder. He has until the end of the summer to move it.

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