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Letters to the editor

MediLodge blood drive helps schools

Dear Mr. Graham;

MediLodge of Montrose did a community blood drive in conjunction with Michigan Blood with a special agreement. For each donor who tried to donate, Michigan Blood would donate $10 to the cause of our choice. We chose Montrose Community Schools so that we could support our local schools. We hope that you can use this money toward doing something with or for your senior class this year as they are our future blood donors for people in need. Enclosed you will find this donation; we are confident that you can put it to good use.

Bobbie Richardson
Business Development Coordinator
MediLodge of Montrose

Athletic facilities need bond support

Dear editor,

Did you know that we can’t use our track at high school?

I have talked to a few people in town and they had no clue that our track is so bad. Last year we had a couple track meets and our facilities are so bad that athletes could not participate in certain events because of the safety issues. Our track is so unsafe the decision was made not to hold any home meets this year. This is lost revenue for our track program and our town. When people from other towns come here they may stop at the gas stations, restaurants and other businesses in town. It was very disappointing to our kids and parents also. We now are giving our money to all of the other schools. This affects our middle school and high school sports program. We need to vote yes on the bond proposals so we can save our schools.

Coriena Richmond

Bond proposals critical to schools

Dear Editor,

On May 6 voters for the Chesaning Union School District will be making an important decision for the welfare of our children and community. As home and property owners know, upkeep is a necessary part of life. That, of course, is the case for our schools as well. Along with regular maintenance, over time we are required to repair and/or replace windows, roofing, heating and cooling systems, enhance safety and security as well as modernize.

It is critical that our school buildings make these much needed upgrades too. Many people have spent hours looking at the realistic needs of our school buildings and grounds. We have the opportunity with Proposal 1 to make necessary improvements without any increase in taxes. Also, Proposal 2 would add a full-size structure/gym which would enhance opportunities for athletic practices and games along with being accessible for community use (i.e. indoor walking track, etc.). Proposal 2 would cost the homeowner of a $100,000 home approximately $31.00/year. For many of us, whose property is valued at much less than that, it would be even less. This equates to buying dinner for a family of four at a fast-food restaurant. Imagine the benefits for this small sacrifice!

These two bond proposals are specifically targeted for facility improvements, not salaries. Please contact a school official or board member for specific details on planned expenditures.

Whether or not you have children currently in school, surely you have grandchildren, relatives and/or neighbors or you yourself would directly benefit. As a community, we have a responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff. Our children deserve nothing less!

Please help to make our school facilities a point of much welcomed pride for our community by voting Yest on May 6!

Michael E. Maier

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