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Montrose Township plans strategy for road repairs 2014

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

MONTROSE TWP. – The Montrose Township Board is getting ready for road construction season. In February, they approved recommendations for various road projects, mowing and ditching. According to Montrose Township Supervisor Mark Emmendorfer they have the potential for up to $177,060 worth of 50/50 road projects in 2014. He explained that they have access to up to $88,530 in 50/50 money from the Genesee County Road Commission; which also involves a special deal with Flushing Township.

Emmendorfer explained that the Genesee County Road Commission uses a formula to distribute road funds based on a combination of the percentage of county population and mileage. Many townships don’t have the match money that Montrose Township does. So Emmendorfer hopes to get several projects done.

“We’ll get [$88,530] provided we spend $88,530,” he said.

Emmendorfer listed projects on their wish list for 2014.

The two mile section of Frances Road, between Nichols Road and M-13 has been selected for improvements as a shared project with Flushing Township. The idea is Montrose Township will do one mile; and Flushing Township will do one mile. That project is eligible for the county 50/50 money. Montrose Township would be responsible for one mile of limestone work on Frances Road, between Nichols and Duffield. Flushing Township would be responsible for the section of Frances from Duffield to M-13.

Emmendorfer talked about the benefits of mowing ditches. It extends the life of local roads, by keeping water from flooding those roads. The township is looking to mow ditches for eight days at a total cost of $22,507; but half of this cost will be covered by the county road commission.

They plan to ditch Duffield Road, north of Lake Road (between the county drain and Willard Road; at a total cost of $92,472, half paid by the county as well.

Emmendorfer also pointed out that they want to do some ditching on the northwest corner of Dodge and Nichols roads. He explained that this project was approved last year, but did not get done. However, by waiting one year, now this project will be eligible for 50/50 funding from the Genesee County Road Commission; bringing the cost of $7,956 down to $3,978.

Of the total $88,530 available to Montrose Township in 50/50 money, the above projects would be $87,294 of the money allocated.

He also talked about an idea they have to better preserve intersections. “We want to pave several intersections [where asphalt meets gravel],” he said. The concept is to extend asphalt down the gravel roads, beyond the turning radius. It is their hope that this may reduce the number of potholes.

“It’s in the conceptual stage, now. We’re waiting for numbers now. We anticipate we’ll be able to do 20 intersections this year,” Emmendorfer said.

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