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Misteguay Creek Drain meeting Tuesday, March 11

Spicer Group to present recommendations
By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, the Spicer Group engineering firm will present options to remedy the erosion concerns on the Misteguay Creek Intercounty Drain. Those options will be presented to the Misteguay Creek Drain Board during an open meeting at 10 a.m., Tuesday, March 11 at the Spicer Group building, 230 S. Washington Ave., Saginaw.

Those owning property within the Misteguay Creek Intercounty Drain District will be assessed for the cost of the project. This meeting will provide the drain board with options and recommendations for that project.

While it is not easy to identify the group of properties included within the district, it does include portions of Saginaw County, Shiawassee County, and Genesee County.

Four years ago, Albee Township in Saginaw County, filed a petition calling for “the cleaning, relocating, widening, deepening, straightening, tiling, extending or relocating along the highway, adding branches, and/or installing, maintaining or repairing structures or mechanical devices to the drain know and designed as the Misteguay Creek Intercounty Drain.”

It is up to the drain board to determine the size, scope, and method of the project. The drain board consists of the drain commissioners representing the three counties; although since Shiawassee County Michigan Department of Agriculture Deputy Director Michael Gregg, who is the chairman of the drain board has cited “dike erosion” as the primary concern.

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