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End of the year activities for seniors
By Steve Clark High School Asst. Principal Chesaning Union Schools

Many of you remember the first time your son or daughter got on the bus to ride to school. For 141 Chesaning High School Seniors, the last bus ride is quickly approaching. Four years of high school will soon come to an end for the Chesaning High School Class of 2011. Throughout the ups and downs of high school life, this class has stuck together and excelled as so many have before them. As they finish up the school year, the seniors will be participating in a number of culminating experiences celebrating their accomplishments as follows:

Sunday May 22

3pm – Baccalaureate at Trinity United Methodist Church, 1629 Brady Street

Monday May 23

7:30am – Senior 1st and 2nd hour Exams

1:30pm – Balloon Release on the Chesaning High School Football Field

Tuesday May 24

7:30am – Senior 3rd and 4th hour Exams

11:30am – Senior Cookout at Chesaning High School

Wednesday May 25

7:30am – Senior Parade – Seniors meet at Showboat Park

8:00am – Senior 5th and 6th hour Exams

11:30am – Senior Video Viewing in the Chesaning High School Cheer Room

1:00pm – Farewell Tunnel in the Chesaning High School Gym

Thursday May 26

8:00am – Seniors meet at Showboat Park; ride buses to Chesaning High School where they will eat breakfast as a class. Following breakfast, Seniors will return to Showboat Park via bus for Graduation Rehearsal

7:00pm – Graduation Ceremony at Showboat Park (Chesaning High School Gym will be used as the foul weather alternate site)

Graduation is a memorable time for all those involved, be they students, parents, or staff. Hearing each student’s name being called as they cross that stage is a moment of pride for all of us involved with this ceremony. Please remember as you are celebrating your student’s successes not to do so in such a way that it impedes on the ability of others’ successes to be celebrated as well. For example, air horns and lengthy yells of excitement can cover up the next student’s name as it is read. All in attendance are expected to act in a manner suitable to the celebration of this momentous event. We all rejoice in the celebration of a successful high school career for the Chesaning High School Class of 2011!

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