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Outlying library service ends May 1

Dear Editor:

It is with much regret that we must say goodbye to our patrons in the townships of Albee, Brady, and Maple Grove. The Chesaning Public Library has offered services to these residents for many years, and we will greatly miss our many loyal patrons from those areas. But we are facing funding shortages that make it impossible to continue servicing residents from townships that are not paying taxes for service.

As of May 1, we will serve only the residents of Chesaning Township and residents of the legal service area of the White Pine Library Cooperative. The residents of Chesaning Township have been funding the library alone since 1937. Our most recent millage, established in 1970, is no longer sufficient to serve the thousands of patrons from Albee, Brady and Maple Grove townships for free. Since June 2007, the Chesaning Public Library Board of Trustees has been reaching out to the township boards and working toward a solution to this problem. We even approached the Chesaning Board of Education, as this has been a good partnership in many rural areas, but unfortunately at this time no solution has been reached. Therefore, we regretfully must discontinue services to the areas that do not contribute to our funding.

We are very saddened by this turn of events, but as good stewards of the residents of Chesaning Township, we must do this now, or close our doors completely in the very near future. We are always willing to talk to any of the township or school board members to work toward a solution that is beneficial to all.
Chesaning Public Library Board of Trustees
Mechelle Kuchar, President
Paul Martin, Vice-President
Meredith Adelman, Secretary
Susan Cannon, Treasurer
Jessica Himstedt, Trustee
Christi Schubert, Trustee

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