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New Lothrop graduate publishes first book

“Snipes are REAL!”
By Jeanne Marcello Staff Reporter

SNIPES ARE REAL -- Nicole Longhini-McElroy holds up a copy of her book, “Charmed Adventures: Snipes are REAL.” (TCC Photo by Jeanne Marcello) SNIPES ARE REAL -- Nicole Longhini-McElroy holds up a copy of her book, “Charmed Adventures: Snipes are REAL.” (TCC Photo by Jeanne Marcello) Charmed Adventures: Snipes are REAL is a new children’s book written by Nicole Longhini-McElroy, who is a 1992 graduate of New Lothrop High School. She wrote the book, striving to stimulate the imagination of children. Charmed Adventures is written for children ages 6-9.

Nicole created Charmed Adventures, LLC in 2008 to encourage children to develop creative thought. The Charmed Adventures book series is designed to open children’s eyes to the possibilities.

“Anything can happen and be made real on your own terms. It is okay to be different because it is who you are, not what you have to be. Everyone and everything in life needs to be helped at sometime, why not make your own adventure,” Nicole stated, adding, “Charmed Adventures is dedicated to those who encourage people to follow their dreams and taught the people around them that anything can become real when you put your mind to it.”

Over the years, Nicole achieved many things. In high school, she won a high school art award as a freshman. In 1994, she was crowned the Michigan Sugar Queen, which involved traveling around the state of Michigan and appearing in parades and at various events.

She found employment working for GM in Engineering & Marketing from 1998 to 2008.

She started the Karma Konnection, a support group in Metro Detroit which helps people elevate their “personal brand” to achieve their goals in job searches and business development.

Nicole credited her husband and “everyone that has touched my life” for influencing her to become a writer. “I am a strong believer in opening people’s minds to new ways of thinking. It has helped me develop business solutions over the years,” Nicole said.

“She’s always been extremely creative,” her mother, Kay Longhini, New Lothrop, commented.

Charmed Adventures: Snipes are REAL was released on Dec. 4. It is available through traditional and online retailers such as Amazon.com and BookLocker.com. Visit Nicole’s web site for more information visit: www.charmedadventures. com

Note: A portion of the proceeds from book sales will go to “Variety’s Children” a Detroit charity, which supports a variety of Detroit-based children’s charities, such as the Children’s Hospital.

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