2009-11-29 / Viewpoints

Thankful for caring community

Dear Editor,

Thanksgiving and Christmas season are upon us, and for some reason I cannot entirely attribute to the goodness of human nature, the encounters with love in the people of our community increase.

I am grateful today to the women of the Lamb of God fellowship, who brought teachers a lunch during Parent-Teacher conferences. When I am overloaded with things I am hauling into kindergarten, I am grateful to their church for allowing Carter staff to park in their lot-so much closer to the classroom. With colder weather, as I help zip coats, I am grateful to Riverside, and the people of the community for the “coats for kids.” Gratitude goes out to the Montrose Ministerial Association, for its efforts to make sure our community’s families stay warm, and to the food pantries, who make sure that people are fed.

I am grateful, for I see that Jesus lives, in the goodness, and sharing of good people, and I know, that in spite of the difficulties we face, we are never facing them alone, and that the world really is a good place.

Kathleen Dillon-Dowd

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