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Changing of the Guard…
By Mike Wallace Superintendent St. Charles Schools

There is a changing of the guard taking place at St. Charles Elementary School during the next two weeks. Jim Rundborg our principal for the last 5+ years is leaving and Sue Bruno our Director of Careers, Community & Early Childhood Services will be taking over as building principal. Jim’s last day will be Friday, November 6th and Sue’s first day on the job will be on Monday, November 9th.

Jim Rundborg has been an instrumental part of our school district since his arrival. He joined our staff in 2004 as the district was involved in reorganizing the administrative team. Jim initially worked at both Miller and Patterson elementary schools as an assistant principal, but took over both buildings as Principal in his second year. During his second year he was also beginning to undertake the elementary building project. Jim worked around and through these challenges all the while school was in session. He flexibly scheduled classrooms and programs while moving the entire facility from the old section to the new construction and back again as the project endured. He then oversaw the moving of our two elementary schools into one as we merged all our elementary students and staffs together for the first time in one new St. Charles Elementary School.

Jim organized an elementary staff retreat in August of the first year for the new St. Charles Elementary school. Our elementary staffs had basically worked in separate buildings for a number of years. The retreat helped to pull the two staffs closer together and bond into one family. The retreat was a huge success and helped facilitate a much smoother transition for everyone involved. Jim was involved in a number of initiatives to improve our elementary school. However, I think the most important thing Jim brought to our program was the stability of a solid educational leader who cared about both his students and staff. We will miss Jim’s leadership and wish him well.

Sue Bruno also joined our team in 2004 when our administrative teams were reorganized. She has worn a number of administrative hats in our district most recently as our Director of Careers, Community & Early Childhood Services. Sue’s experience in early childhood makes her a natural choice as our elementary principal. She has run our early childhood programs since her arrival and also previously ran a very successful Montessori Pre-school program. Sue has been involved in weaving our Career Education program into our curriculum working with staffs and committees to insure that our students were exposed to and met all state career ed. requirements. Sue has excellent leadership skills and has run all of our buildings at different times when administrators were out of the district. Sue is excited about stepping into a building principal role and after receiving her Master’s Degree in Administration a few years ago is ready to assume her new roles and responsibilities successfully. We are very fortunate to have someone of Sue’s abilities to step into the vacancy Jim is leaving.

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