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NL schools halves estimated budget deficit

By Hillary Grigonis Staff Reporter

NEW LOTHROP – The New Lothrop Area Public Schools faced the 2009-10 school year with an estimated $223,231 deficit—but on Monday, the school board approved an amended budget that cut the anticipated shortage in half without cutting any student programs or eliminating any staff positions.

The change is mainly due to an increase in students bringing in additional per pupil funding, as well as small cuts throughout several areas of the budget.

The board unanimously approved the revised budget Oct. 19 with a $118,605 deficit, based on the assumptions of a $165 reduction bringing per pupil state aid to $7,151 and an increase bringing the blended student count to 830. The blended count is calculated by taking 25 per- cent of the 800 students from the spring count and 75 percent of the students from the fall count of 839.

The original budget estimated a $110 reduction in state aid and about 810 students in the blended count. The extra students coupled with an estimated $165 reduction in state aid account for an increase of about $10,000 in revenues.

Superintendent John Strycker said additional cuts were made in amounts between one and four percent during a line-by-line look at the budget.

The revised budget will leave a fund equity balance between 15 and 16 percent.

“It is going to be tight,” Strycker said, “but again, we have been conservative and it has paid off.”

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